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Military Defense FM Apps and Handbooks

TACTICAL S- FM-v1 Tactical, Survival and Emergency apps bundle 23 in one Army Field Manuals also implemented main improvements for civilian users.



Military FM, Apps and Handbooks

  • Tactical, Survival and Emergency Apps

    01. Stamp Camera with Compass and GPS Info

    02. Altimeter Distance Tracker

    03. GPS Locations

    04. Heading compass

    05. Direction Compass camera

    06. Waypoiny Navigation

    07. GPS Status Satellite Check Navigation Pack

    08. GEO Camera with Zoom and Levels

    09. Cell and WiFi Towers World Map

    10. Tactical GPS UTM. MGRS. GPS Location Info

    11. Barometer and Altimeter

    12. Direction Compass

    13. Measure Map. GPS Field Area Calculator

    14. Navigation Camera. Angle, Position, Levels

    15. Heart Rate Monitor

    16. Medical Services. World Map

    17. MGRS Live Map and Military Compass

          Military Grade Reference System

    18. Street View & All GPS Info

    19. Military Zoom Scope Stamp Camera

    20. Offline Map Land Navigation

    21. Tactical Combat Land Nav

    22. Medical Services World Map

    23. Crime Index Live Map

  • 18 Army Survival Handbooks Field Manual PDFs

    All handbooks are Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited

  • Global Conflicts Live News

    With the ability to view the places of military operations on the map. Independent global news and information portal dedicated to factual reporting of a variety of important topics inclduing conflicts, weapons deployment, human rights issues, protests, terrorism, health matters, natural disasters and weather related stories, among others, from a vast array of sources. Updated every 30 min

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